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We are the propelling force behind your story-driven, hooking animated explainer videos, paving the way for your brand to hit the big time.


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We are not just an animated explainer video company; we weave ideas, stories, care, and innovation.

For almost a decade, starting with an ambitious designer & developer, further building a fantastic team of creatives, we've been helping brands and businesses to reach their target audience with the power of animated explainer videos and storytelling. Our experienced team of creative storytellers and animators understand your business requirements & guidelines to communicate your brand message in a concise, creative, and effective manner, loved by your audience. The love of our savvy customers can measure our success - 100% of our clients recommend us.

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Mission and Values Statement

Our team shares the single vision - to find the right note - a note that can be expressed only by a story-driven animated explainer video.

In today’s dynamic business era, where you have to attract your target audience in just 8 seconds, video is the lynchpin of your marketing efforts. However, there is a missing note in almost all the videos - story-driven, innovative, and creative video that connects with your target audience.

We strive to earn our client’s trust, and we collaborate with brands and businesses that understand our vision and prioritize the same standards - Innovation, Transparency, Passion, and Creativity.

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“There's a lot of difference between listening and hearing.” ― G. K. Chesterton

37% of projects fail due to poor requirements management. Business and functional requirements are the backbones of every brand, and getting them right is critical to the brand's success.

At Giant Panda Studio, the first step to our animated video production is to listen - gather all requirements and objectives that a brand wishes to achieve through an animated explainer video.


“Words carry power, therefore before you speak out, speak in... and test your words!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

85% of projects fail because of poor market segmentation. Not everyone will rush to see your products’ video unless you have your target audience in mind, thus solving their pain-points.

At Giant Panda Studio, the second step to our animated video production is to speak - based on your requirements, we research your audience & market and lay down the core message of the video, collaboratively.


“Weaving is a work of mindfulness, of taking time to give attention to the details that will contribute to the woven piece's unity.” ― Allegra Magrisso

If the message of your brand is delivered as a story, you have 22 times more chances to be memorable. Storytelling has the power to weave your idea and numbers into a compelling animated explainer video.

At Giant Panda Studio, the third step to our animated video production is to weave - the message of your idea is weaved into an innovative & customized story-driven animated video, which you can visualize through a storyboard.


“Repeat business or behavior can be bribed. Loyalty has to be earned.” ― Janet Robinson

12 positive experiences are required to make up for one negative experience. Experience and Satisfaction is the new currency, which turns our clients into loyal ones, and we believe in delivering a positive experience to our clients.

At Giant Panda Studio, our final step to our animated video production is to deliver - we finally deliver the satisfaction, wrapped in the customized product to you in the quickest time possible after unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.

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