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Explainer videos are short marketing videos that give your users a brief introduction to what services you are offering and why choosing you would be beneficial for them. It is an effective online marketing practice through which you can convey everything about yourself virtually. A well-framed explainer video having a duration of just 60-90 seconds can play a major role in boosting your brand awareness and sales. On the whole, a simple, understandable, and rich in content quality explainer video can help you achieve the desired results in minimal timing. Contact Us to know more

An explainer video is a great way to interact with your users. Knowing your buyer’s persona, you can frame an explainer video that’ll tell your users about why you’re a better choice over your competitors. Making explainer videos is a marketing practice through which you can describe your business and what all you’re offering visually. Also, explainer videos play an integral role in attracting visitors and increasing your website’s traffic. If your video provides them the solution they’re looking for, it’s likely they’d be encouraged to get in touch with you and opt for your services! Contact Us and let’s discuss it in more detail.

73% of professionals see positive marketing results with explainer videos. However, the ideal length of an explainer video should be between 60-90 seconds. Going beyond this can lower the view count significantly. In long explainer videos, it becomes challenging for you to maintain the desired audience retention rate - Hubspot recommends keeping the video length under 60 seconds. In other words, you need to keep everything brief but explain it in a way that encourages the user to invest in you. With us, you get an explainer video under 60 seconds that clearly describe your brand in a way that’ll be loved by your users. Request a free consultation here.

Dealing with us you need not worry about anything! The only thing you have to do is to schedule a call. It is when you’ll discuss your requirements and the results you expect us to deliver. Plus, we take a note of your brand name and the services you offer to make a perfect user-friendly explainer video. Prior to that, you must be clear of the audience you want to attract via your explainer videos so that we can plan accordingly. Also, we let you know what type of explainer video you need and in which format it would best fit based on your business and functional requirements.

Unlike our competitors, our company offers unlimited revisions that make us one of the best explainer video production companies. We give you the liberty to edit and make changes in your explainer video as per your choice. You can describe the changes you wish to have in the video and recommend any additions to be made. However, our company abides by a certain work plan. We create and edit explainer videos following a step by step process so that our customers remain in touch with the ongoing progress. 100% of our clients recommend us – as it enables them to get an explainer video better than what they’ve wished for! Contact Us and let’s discuss your project requirements.

We are a video production company that gives you the freedom to design your explainer video according to the script you provide to us. However, you can get in touch with our team of creative video directors that’ll suggest the best ways to make the story more clear and attractive. It makes it easier for us to create an explainer video when we have an overview of what our customer expects us to deliver. After going through your script, we discuss the ways that’ll make it look more appealing to a user. We modify your script to deliver a perfect explainer video that generates the best results! Contact Us and get a result-driven explainer video.

Explainer videos are short videos that can promote your brand awareness and the services you offer to your target audience. It is an online marketing user-friendly practice through which you interact with your users virtually. These videos can help you attain the desired search engine rankings for your website. According to the SEO experts, the brands making use of quality enriched explainer videos on their websites rank higher in the search pages results. Most importantly, an explainer video allows you to interact with a user that can be your potential customer and highlights the top reasons to choose you over your competitors in the market!

Many factors play a part in our service’s pricing. We don’t have any wonderful and fancy rate charts, but we think that fixed price ranges create boundaries for clients and us, all together. This will include the type of video required, duration of the video, content, style, amount of pre-production work, number of revisions, run-time/length, and the deadline. All these factors together will influence the price of your video. Generally, an animated video costs anywhere between $3,500 and $7,000. If you have an idea to be crafted, get in touch with one of our experts. We would love to provide you an accurate quote in the minimum time frame.

Having a team of skilled players, we work for local and global clients with a 4-step customized animated explainer video production process - Listen, Speak, Weave, and Deliver. While we treat each project as a new and exciting one, our process is meant for crafting excellence. To deliver your idea perfectly, helping you connect to your target audience with your business.

Usually, we are very prompt in our communication. Hence, you can expect a response from our team in less than 12 hours. However, in case you do not happen to receive it even after the said hours then there is a greater possibility of some technical error.

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