5 Key Benefits of Video Landing Page for Your Website

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5 Key Benefits of Video Landing Page

Nine years ago, Dubin met one of his friends’ fathers at a party who wanted someone to sell a surplus supply of razors online. Dublin agreed to sell but not in a traditional way, rather using a subscription model. So, how did he promote this model? He launched a site – Dollar Shave Club – and used a video landing page to attract the target audience.


The Result?

The video embedded on the landing page brought an overnight success — in 3 months, 4.75 million views and 12,000 orders within 48 hours — that led the websites’ server to shut down.

A report by Aberdeen Group mentions that leveraging video to market your product increases revenue 49% faster than those who do not. In today’s digital world, customers no longer have the patience to go through your entire product description and the benefits it offers. The attention span of users has dropped down to 8.25 seconds. So answer yourself — will you be able to turn your visitors into customers just through a long piece of an article? 


Video landing page plays a vital role in successful eCommerce marketing, wrapped with numerous emotions, aimed towards a single goal — attract the audience to buy products.

Emotions that make people click

What is the Video Landing Page?

Forget about Video. Let’s discuss the concept of landing page first.

A landing page is a webpage that aims to attract visitors who can be converted and make a purchase. An ideal landing page is usually a standalone webpage with the only goal of persuading the target visitor to click on a call to action.

In this process of persuading, one element that plays the most critical role in building the landing page is video. It paves the way for seamless user experience and higher conversions. Thus, any landing page that contains video as a primary element to attract the target audience is called a video landing page. The video could be any of the following:

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Key Benefits of Video Landing Page

78% of users watch videos online every week, which accounts for 55% of the people daily. Just think —  how powerful it would be to embed a video to your landing page. It has the potential to convey your message to 1.8 million people worldwide. 

Let’s discuss in detail the benefits that you should expect by adding a video to the landing page:

1. Increased Conversions

95% of people who see the videos, absorb the message that it tries to convey. Do you know the reason behind it? As I mentioned above, the attention span of a human has dropped to 8.25 seconds, which means you have to grab your potential customers’ eyeballs in under 8 seconds. What can be a more powerful tool than a video to do this job?

Adding a video to the landing page improves the chances of converting the visitors by 80%. So, by now, you must be aware that a video landing page improves conversions, but the question that arises here is – what should be the ideal length of the video? 

In the book ‘Crack the Customer Mind Code,’ it is mentioned that an average length of the video watched by an online user is 2.7 minutes. However, the ideal duration of a video, perfect for conversions, should be 60 seconds — worth 1.8 million words.Contact Giant Panda Studio to develop a result-driven video landing page

2. Increased Engagement

The sound, visuals, and a good story always entertains viewers and hook them. Once they are caught, they are ready to push down the funnel, eventually coming closer to the end of the sales funnel — purchasing the product. And to hook and engage a viewer, a video on the landing page can engage a potential customer in a 10x better way than a block of text.

3. Increased Understanding

Your product might be excellent functionally, but how would you sell your complex product to your target audience? Through a long content piece? If you nod yes to this, then I am sorry to say, you are one step closer to the most significant product fiasco. If you want to sell your complex idea, you need to leverage video on your landing page to explain it in more accessible terms.

A video landing page with 2D or 3D video can easily walk through your target prospect. And it can explain the intricate details of the product in an effective, faster, and engaging manner.

4. Increased Brand Awareness

In today’s digital age, if you want to thrive, you will have to inject your brand into your target audience’s mind and heart. Brand awareness is one of the vital parts of any business. If your potential customer is unable to recognize your brand after seeing your product from the logo, infer that you failed to make them aware of your brand.

Good brand awareness can help you earn more eyeballs and more conversions. With video on the landing page, you get an opportunity to seamlessly convey your brand’s message using animation, story, visual, and other vital elements. Adding a video on the landing page can help you increase your brand awareness by 139%.

5. Increased Retargeting

Once the visitor has purchased on your website, does your job finishes there? No. Honestly, the real hard-work starts just after that. Retargeting the customers is an essential part of the marketing strategy, and videos play an invincible role in reconnecting with customers. 

So, what type of video is perfect to attract such prospects? Well, it might vary from business to business; you will have to step into your target audiences’ shoes and understand them. Once you know your target audience appropriately, you can engage them again on any touchpoint through a video landing page.


Savvy brands align their buying process with video landing pages to boost engagement and drive conversions. Adding videos to the landing page helps in streamlining the marketing and sales activities. 

An informative, compelling, and story-driven video has the potential to connect with your target channel-agnostic customers. A right partner who understands your brand’s end-goals can help portray your message through a compelling and eye-catching video. Contact Giant Panda Studio to develop a conversion-driven video landing page

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